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Do's & Dont's - Vocal Hygiene

Posted by: Mehlam BS Zainuddin

Paper presented by Swarsudha Speech And Hearing Clinic. Professor attended Second workshop during imtihan 1426h at surat.


  • Do get plenty of rest at all times.
  • Support your speaking voice just as you would when reciting.
  • Be happy at all times.
  • Laugh a lot and with good breath support.
  • Eat well.
  • Inhale at the belly (Like inner tube around your waist).
  • Relax belly to inhale (ie Let you belly hang out. "feel fat!").
  • Humidify your environment during winter months.
  • Drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. Normal room temprature.


  • Do not drink coffee before performance.
  • Do not shout or scream at any sporting event.
  • Do not talk when on a bus.
  • Do not try to be heard in noisy places like large family gatherings and in traffic.
  • Do not stay up late before the night of performance.
  • Do not talk lower or higher than what is comfortable to you.
  • Do not clear your throat continuously.
  • Do not recite when it may be hurting you to swallow.
  • Do not over do with your recitations.
  • Do not whisper loudly.
  • Do not raise the chest and shoulders when inhaling.
  • Do not lift heavy weights.
  • Do not ever scream!
  • Do not talk a lot on the day of your performance.
  • Do not take dairy products prior to your performance.
  • Do not get stressed.

Advice by a homeopathic doctor :

"I feel that you should drink 2 glasses of warm water in the morning everyday on waking up. Do not whisper, or talk excessively. Talk only when necessary and be to the point. You should conserve your energy and voice and give it rest. Do not shout or overstrain your voice. Yogic asanaa (postures) and breathing exercises(pranayam) and certain kriyas ensure that the respiratory tract is purified and its capacity is enhanced; Although these techniques have to be learnt under the guidance of a yoga teacher and have to be practiced everyday. Posture, energy and state of mind influences the voice."

By Dr Mansour Mirza, Khar. Specialty in Homeopathy.

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